Brunton Site and Infrastructure Design

Owner: CWC Foundation for The Brunton Company Riverton, Wyoming        Date: 2004-2005

Engineering Fees: $102,315

Construction Cost: $518,418

Services Provided:

  • Water and Sewer System Design
  • Curb, Gutter, and Sidewalk Design
  • Street Paving Design
  • Regulatory Permitting
  • Construction Monitoring

The Brunton Company is a manufacturer of outdoor equipment such as compasses, binoculars, and GPS units. They have been in this business for 100 years and in Riverton, Wyoming since 1972. The Riverton Chamber of Commerce began working with the Central Wyoming College (CWC) Foundation and the Brunton Company to develop a new corporate headquarters. James Gores and Associates was hired as the Civil Engineer. James Gores served as Project Manager.

Funding Coordination: James Gores and Associates ensured that the project plans and specifications met the requirements of the funding sources and provided accountability for future potential audits. The funding sources included the Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration (EDA), Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), and matching funds from IDEA, Inc., a local economic development company. The CDBG grant only covered the public road and utility work, and could not be used for any engineering fees.

Design and Regulatory Review: Due to funding source deadlines and Brunton Corporation needs, the entire site and infrastructure design was completed in half of the time normally allocated to this type of project. James Gores and Associates worked closely with the CWC Foundation, the City of Riverton, and the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (WYDEQ) to complete the regulatory, design and construction in a very compressed timeline, including the required Environmental Assessment.

Th e street and site were carefully designed and laid out to facilitate storm water detention and to accommodate walks, islands, and other features requested by Brunton for aesthetics and employee use. The approximate 10-foot of fall over the site presented significant challenges in placing the building and parking area on a relatively small lot, while maintaining adequate drainage and designing for full ADA compliance.

The water and sewer systems design was completed and quickly approved by WYDEQ. The water system was designed to loop within the business park, increasing the water delivery for rest of the nearby business park users. The sewer system was also designed to accommodate future users when the CWC campus develops.

Construction Monitoring: Our firm provided Construction oversight services. The construction was completed on time. Several items were added to the project during construction by the client to improve the aesthetics of the site and provide for future lighting, irrigation, and additional utilities.

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