Hudson Water Treatment Plant

Owner: Town of Hudson, Wyoming             Date: 2009-2010

Services Provided:

  • Preliminary Engineering report
  • Preliminary Design
  • Funding and Regulatory Agency Coordination
  • Final Design
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Plant Start-Up Coordination

Engineering Fee: $718,714

Construction Cost: $2,892,241

Hudson’s water supply comes from shallow alluvial wells located near the Little Popo Agie River. In 2004, it was determined by EPA that this water was “groundwater under the influence of surface water”and would require more extensive treatment than was being provided. This prompted the Town of Hudson to sponsor a water supply study funded by the Wyoming Water Development Commission. After thoroughly exploring several alternatives, it was determined that a water treatment plant should be built to bring Hudson into compliance with EPA mandates.

James Gores and Associates, along with subconsultant, TST, Inc. of Denver, conducted extensive testing of the water and then designed a water treatment plant that could satisfy the EPA regulations for safe water. Special attention was paid to choose a treatment process that could be operated by existing staff to avoid Hudson needing to recruit new plant operators. A design utilizing ultrafiltration treatment was settled upon as being the best long-term solution to comply with safe drinking water standards. Additionally, our firm decided to explore ways of improving the taste and odor of the town’s water. It was determined that a reverse osmosis process could be added to the treatment regimen and still fit within the project budget. By sending part of the filtered water through the reverse osmosis and then blending the water from these two treatment processes, it would significantly improve the aesthetics of Hudson’s drinking water.

James Gores and Associates assisted the Town of Hudson with a pre-qualifications process to select the best qualified contractors to bid on the project. The project was bid in March, 2010, with construction beginning in April. The plant was in service by December, 2010.

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