Meeteetse Water Upgrades

CLIENT:  Town of Meeteetse                                                            DATE:  2017

SERVICES PROVIDED:                                                                 Total Engineering Budget: $32,400

  • SCADA System Components                                                     Construction Cost: $227,470
  • Tank Vault Upgrades to Meet OSHA Standards
  • Obsolete Plant Technical Equipment Replacement
  • Funding Agency Coordination
  • Regulatory Agency Coordination
  • Construction Monitoring

Keeping Meeteetse in water each day required the operators to check the treatment plant that is six (6) miles up-river from town and verify that the on-site computer is recordings plant operations. The operator would then go to the main storage tank at the south edge of town to climb down into a OSHA-defined confined space concrete vault under the tank to record the tank outflow meter reading,. Finally, the operator would proceed to the golf course pump house on the east edge of town to check that facility and record its tank level.

Based on a 2015 Water Master Plan, Meeteetse needed to upgrade specific equipment in their water system. The recommended improvements would increase reliability, and reduce labor while recording data critical to compliance with EPA regulations.  The plan called for upgrading the water treatment plant technical measurement equipment that had grown obsolete in the 15 years that the plant was operating and correcting the vault’s potential hazard. The project:

  • Replaced obsolete plant equipment and brought the plant to a new operational condition,
  • Eliminated the unsafe confined space shortcomings of the vault by installing a covered, weather-tight, stairway entry, eliminating the prior hazard,
  • Replaced decades old valves and meter with automated control valves and an electronic reading and recording meter,
  • Replaced the 40-year-old electromechanical control system operating between plant and tank with state-of-the-art SCADA offering fully computer-controlled and recorded water system operations with full EPA reporting,
  • Took the golf course stand-alone pump station and tank level control system and integrated it into your new SCADA system, allowing the water treatment plant, main tank, and golf course tank to be operated from a single computer based terminal accessible at either town hall or the water treatment plant. The operator can now view the entire system beginning at the raw water pump station through the treatment plant to the main tank, and the golf course system without manually having to go to these sites or having to manually start, adjust, or operate any of the equipment.

In total, the improvements greatly increased the stability of your system and enhanced the safety and health of all Meeteetse’s residents. The project was completed without any change orders. The entire project budget was $254,285.00, with Wyoming Water Development Commission funding of $134,050.00, Rural Development funding of $120,000.00. The Town of Meeteetse was left with only $235.00, to match these other project funding sources.

The project was completed on time, with no change orders, at the bid price.

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