Pioneer Home Exterior Site Repairs Rebid

Wyoming Pioneer Home Exterior Site Repairs Retrofitting into Existing Facilities

CLIENT:  State of Wyoming, Construction Department                     DATE:  May – July 2017

Construction Management Division

Total Engineering Budget:  $31,000

Construction Cost: $143,000


  • Improved Site Drainage
  • ADA Compliance of Sidewalks & Walkways
  • Proper Drainage of New Roof
  • Construction Observation & Monitoring


As with many facility sites, the Wyoming Pioneer Home located in Thermopolis had multiple issues to be addressed associated with trip hazards, drainage issues and walkways that were not ADA (American with Disabilities Act) compliant.  James Gores and Associates was retained to retrofit multiple site issues with a safer facility campus.

Retrofits to the site included:

  • Revise rear access to the building, upgrading the drainage and pavement,
  • Reconstructing a retaining wall with proper drainage and ADA compliant ramp,
  • Replacing concrete paving to provide adequate drainage, and
  • Installing increased drainage features to reduce ice build-up and help with winter snow plowing

Bids received came in (near, at, below, above) the engineers estimate.  James Gores and Associates provided construction oversight, and change orders on the project were requested by the owner, minimized.

James Gores and Associates enjoyed working with the State of Wyoming Construction Department and the staff at the Wyoming Pioneer Home on this project and look forward to any future projects.

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