CLIENT: Town of Pavillion                                                   DATE: 2022

 SERVICES PROVIDED:                                                         Engineering Budget:          $59,288

Grant Application Assistance

  • Waterline Design
  • Owner Review
  • DEQ Correspondence
  • Bidding Assistance
  • Construction Monitoring

In 2022, the Town of Pavillion had a customer complain about the taste and odor of water from the residential tap. The tap fed from an un-looped water line. The complaint was that the water smelled and tasted as if it had gasoline in it. This was concerning as the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality had identified an area of contamination nearby from a now-removed leaking underground storage tank.

To alleviate concerns from the resident, James Gores and Associates was retained to assist with obtaining funding and designing a new waterline. In the interest of adding to the palatability of the water for the entire town, the opportunity was taken to loop the line.

James Gores and Associates worked with the Town Public Works Director to prepare and submit an emergency grant application to the Wyoming State Lands and Investment Board for an Emergency Mineral Royalty Grant. The grant was approved for the town, and James Gores and Associates was retained to complete the design for the design.

The town faced challenges in the design because it was unknown exactly where the soil contamination was located. Additionally, the town did not have precise locations for waterlines. Finally, system valving was not functioning in a manner that allowed for a small portion of town to be isolated and turned off; it would be necessary to shut off the entire town’s water supply for tapping into the lines.

Using drone aerial survey, we were able to quickly locate approximate locations for the waterline tie-ins on both ends of the proposed project. The project design was completed on time, and the project was let for bids. Competitive bids within budget were received, and we worked with the town to award the project to the low bidder.

During construction, it was determined that the contractor could add valves to the waterline on each end for less than the cost of the hot taps, resulting in a cost savings and increased operational value to the town.

The project was completed within budget and on time.


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