CLIENT: Eastern Shoshone Housing Authority

DATE: 2020

Services Provided:

Site Survey
 Geotechnical Analysis
 Utility Design
 Road Design
 Gas, Power, and Communication Company Coordination
 BIA Coordination
 Federal Bid Document Preparation

The Eastern Shoshone Housing Authority received a Community Development Block Grant to build a 24-unit housing development on Shipton Lane near Fort Washakie, including the supporting infrastructure of streets, water, sewer, drainage, electrical power, and communication services. This project was to be completed in two phases of 12 housing units each.

James Gores and Associates coordinated a topographic survey of the site using Northern Engineering and Consulting. This survey was critical for drainage site design for each individual house as well as the housing development as a whole. While accomplishing the topographic survey, our team also located existing elevations and locations for water and sewer utilities to be tied in.

James Gores and Associates teamed with SolTerra to provide a soils investigation, assuring that the materials specified for installation will meet the best industry standards for the existing conditions. We prepared specifications and drawings of the site to assure the project was built with quality materials and installation procedures to ensure long-term service life that can be easily maintained. James Gores and Associates also designed this project for ease of future utility extensions and expansions.

The site design is based upon utility corridors being strategically planned to accommodate a consistent location, maintain recommended separation of water and sewer, power and gas, and efficiently place the dry utilities in a shared trench. The water system was planned to use modern materials that ensure long-term performance while looping the lines through the community to assure best circulation, two-way feed, best fire feed flow, and pressure adequacy. Fire hydrants were to be installed at industry recommended spacing. Similarly, the wastewater disposal was designed following current industry best practices to optimize service line piping length for each residence, provide manholes spaced at industry recommended standards, and configured to make maintenance easy and convenient for the operation.

James Gores and Associates prepared a street subgrade and paving plan that includes sidewalks, and pathways, curb and gutter, and, should funding be available, street lighting as well.

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