Wiggins Fork Access

CLIENT: Cedar Canyons, Inc. DATE: 2018-2021

 Cost Estimating
 Regulatory Agency Coordination
 Contractor Negotiations
 NEPA Approval
 Road & River Crossing Design

Cedar Canyons, Inc., was interested in first, obtaining a private inholding in the Shoshone National Forest. To determine if the property was feasible for the intended use, James Gores and Associates assessed the access route for the intended use of the property, and then prepared cost estimates to update the road to allow for safe entry to the property.

Based upon those cost estimates, Cedar Canyons was able to secure the property for purchase. James Gores and Associates is working with Cedar Canyons and the US Forest Service, Shoshone National Forest, to prepare a new easement for an improved access road to the privately held property.

Prior to this, though, the current road will be brought up to a class II 4-Wheel Drive Road, which it is already classified as, to allow high clearance vehicles access. This will also involve creating a rolling drainage and possible culvert installation.

Once that is completed, James Gores and Associates will work with the US Forest Service and Cedar Canyons to obtain the new easement for a Class III or Class IV road, in order to safely and comfortably accommodate clientele into the secluded private property.


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